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The IFLA was founded in 2004 by specialist media and entertainment lawyers Dr Marc Heinkelein and Jonathan Coad. They identified the need for the television industry to have access to an international network of leading format lawyers in order to be able to protect the creative and financial investment that goes into developing internationally successful television formats.

The IFLA will be partnering FRAPA (see our links section) in seeking to establish adequate worldwide protection for the multi billion dollar trade in television formats which has now existed for over 50 years. Our aim is to ensure that the creators, and developers of television formats receive appropriate recognition and revenue in the form of license fees from this important source of innovative television programmes.

All IFLA members will be acknowledged experts in the key fields of copyright, passing off and unfair competition; they will have substantial experience of the television industry, and the various legal issues arising from format disputes and transactions. They will also be fluent in English.

For any further details concerning the IFLA which is not on our website, please contact Jonathan Coad at jc@ifla.tv.